Sunday, 1 December 2013


Hello! Welcome to my blog all about the Tomorrow's Talent's National Theatre Connections project. I will be writing blogs, taking videos, pictures. These will show how we develop the piece, and also our individual experiences.

The play will be directed by Tomorrow's Talent principal Gavin Wilkinson, cast members include:
- Polly Russell 
- Jessica Moore
- Jack Martyn 
- Holly Hosler-White
- Ollie Fox
- Ryan Lay
- Hazel Ellender
- Amie Whitaker 
- Greg Bennett (me)
- Elouise Henley
- Joseph Bennett
- Charlotte Barlow
- Alex Young 
- Isabelle Casey
- Mark Ellis

This video offers a brief introduction to the process through the Connections programme. I roped in my little bro to help me out! 
Thanks a lot!

Greg :)

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