Monday, 20 January 2014

The One where Greg took loads of Photos

Now we're back at school/college/wherever, Tomorrow's Talent classes have started up again for the spring term. This means that there is now less rehearsal time for Heritage at the weekend (boo).

However, we're now starting to get really stuck in with the setting of the play.

Last weekend we ran through what we did set previously a couple of times, each time trying out news ways, playing with blocking.

Here's some rehearsal pictures:

(Gavin giving us a little brief)

(Here's me being very serious.)

(Here's Charlotte not being so serious
- However Elouise is very, very serious.)

(Here's me and Ryan being homies for life. - sorry its a bit blurry)

We also met up after TT class on the Sunday just gone. We ran what we had already done a few times, once again, trying different things every time to see what works best. Then we carried on with the next ten or so pages of the script. It was good fun, my character has quite a few funny lines in this section. There is a really good part where my character starts to realise what is going on in the village that he and all the other characters are living in, which is going to be really interesting to work with.

Here's some more snaps

(Me and Alex chillin')

(#selfie #duringaseriousscene #yolo)

Here I tried to make a panorama shot but it failed a bit. I'll do a better one next time I swear.

Thanks a lot for reading! 


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